Sarah Elizabeth Stanley

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Times Two Dance Collective


The Times Two Dance Collective was co-created by Brynn Bodair and Sarah Elizabeth Stanley.


About Us

Two times the Dance

Brynn and Sarah met summer 2016 at a workshop in New York. They reconnected in Los Angeles two years later and have been dancing together ever since.

Brynn is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, where she earned a BA in Dance, a BS in Political Science, and a minor in Screenwriting. She is a current student at Southwestern Law School.

Sarah received a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, and is continuing her dance studies as an MFA candidate at California State University, Long Beach.


A collaborative Method

Brynn and Sarah employ a dynamic, improvisational, task-based approach in their creations.

While each new work is developed in a unique way, a constant theme in the process is the approach of yes, and…”, allowing space for both Brynn and Sarah to explore new thematic, choreographic, and structural concepts.

Additionally, Brynn and Sarah aim to curate an environment in which each dancer is free to explore their own movement interests, collaborate with others, and exercise their choreographic voice.



Who, what, Where, when

Past engagements have included Deborah Brockus/SHIFT West residency, Bach in the Subways (LA), Max 10 at The Electric Lodge, and various performances at Loyola Marymount University.

x2 performers + collaborators: Eva Crystal · Lauren Delisle* · Halie Donabedian · Jon Lloyd* · Nick McGhee · Kaia Makihara · Sarah Olson* · Raegan Ricossa · Madaline Riley · Haley Smith · Keilan Stafford · Monica Williams · Molly Wilson ·


Movement research With x2

X2 company rehearsal is always open to the public! Please contact to confirm dates and times. Brynn and Sarah offer classes and workshops throughout the year, and are also available for the creation of new works or to set existing repertoire.

For more information, connect with X2 on Instagram or email Brynn and Sarah at .


* indicates collaborator besides a dancer (composer, visual artist, etc.)